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1 Pic 3 Words


In 1 Pic 3 Words, you will see a picture with a series of empty letter slots.The key to filling in those blanks? Look within the picture, and you’ll find three objects that can be spelled out from the letter bank.
In other words, your challenge for each round is to find three secret words by using a picture as your ultimate clue!
A picture says a thousand words, but can you figure out exactly the three words we are looking for?
1 Pic 3 Words is completely free
Download and start playing!
Have a look at the photo then spell your answer by clicking on the letters you want to use.
Unable to picture the answer?
Use the magnifying glass to reveal a letter or use the key to unveil a single word.
Get more hints by completing levels or buy them in-game!
1 Pic 3 Words contains hundreds of different picture challenges!
How many can you solve?